“I think the most worthwhile part of TLI was the increased sense of community among all the teachers, which led to a deeper, richer sense of purpose.”

Maggie Mnayer

“At the beginning of this experience, I was a leader who didn’t know her leadership strength. I thought being a leader meant doing it all. I know now that being a leader is about building a team of people who are strong in many competencies for the betterment of all.”

Danielle Brown

“Before getting involved in the TLI, I was usually one to tackle problems as an individual as I found it hard to trust others. Through the TLI, I have learned that successful leaders are able to identify the right people for a job and delegate responsibility to them in a healthy way that challenges them.”

Ben Childers

“I have developed a network of like-minded colleagues that will provide support. I have also developed an understanding of my union’s purpose and can see the path it intends to follow in order to further help their members as professionals in the 21st century. I am committed to working diligently with my union in the

Heidi Garcia

“I think about how I want to take all that I have learned, and how I want others in my school and district to know how empowering and exciting it can be to get involved in TLI. I want to have a reunion in a year and see where everyone is in his or her

Laurie Wasserman