“When first asked to participate in TLI, I hesitated – I didn’t consider myself a “leader.” I have been a “teacher” for 21 years and had never added leader to my title. But this changed for me because of the TLI experience. I learned that leadership has many paths that intersect daily. Now when I

Karla Duff

“My own capstone focused on Transforming the Educational Experience of Young Men of Color (YMOC), and it has already helped increase the number of YMOC at my school taking Advanced Placement courses and experiencing rigorous curriculum.”

Nancy Barile

“Having a space for our voices to be heard and honored is the glue that will allow all teacher leaders to leverage true impact, sustainability, and authentic transformation.”

Sonia Matthew

“It is my responsibility to my fellow teachers and the profession to be an advocate for education.”

Karen Leonhart

“During my TLI experience, I’e had the opportunity to connect with some fantastic teachers – not only in my state, but across the country. These teachers are just as driven as I am, and they are focused on uplifting and bringing about change in their schools.”

Erica Avent