Policy Leadership CompetenciesPolicy leadership is leading to impact education and social policy that supports quality teaching and learning. Below are the skills that teacher leaders will hone in the policy leadership track.

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Competency Themes

Policy Implementation

• Demonstrates awareness that policy impacts the school environment, and engages in inquiry to learn and understand what policies are at play, and what effects they have on school communities.• Filters and discriminates information to gain a meaningful understanding of the processing and intent of policy, and implements mandated policies effectively and gracefully.• Actively engages in the skillful inclusion of policy in practice, utilizing a culture of research and inquiry around policy issues.• Leads the development of effective and innovative plans to move ideas into action at many levels, as a result of inquiry and research.

• Innovates strategies for implementing poor policy while maximizing the benefit of sound policy.

Policy Advocacy

• Researches and understands the scope of various policies.• Utilizes professional expertise and experience, as well as listening to others' ideas, to evaluate existing and proposed policies that impact classroom, school, district and community.

• Advocates for positive changes to existing policies and for best practice in new policies.
• Organizes others around the best ideas for improvement, based on his or her own understanding as well as thorough engagement with others' ideas, through various communication methods and diverse alliances.• Inspires others to act through convincing, stakeholder-specific messaging.

• Creates and strengthens alignments with various stakeholders.

• Inspires action of others to advocate for the profession.

Policy Making

• Demonstrates awareness of the process of creating policy, including familiarity with key stakeholders and influencers.• Effectively explains policy and its relationship to current work to others.• Drives effective policy content based on deep understanding of research.

• Strengthens alliances with a diverse set of stakeholders.
• Sustains and builds relationships around policy shifts to leverage change.

• Runs for office or takes a role as a policymaker beyond the school in other formal leadership roles.

Policy Engagement and Relationships

• Prepares himself or herself to speak to the current issues around education.

• Knows the names, roles, alignments, and functions of various policymakers.
• Develops powerful messaging about school culture and school environment.

• Connects with policymakers, using methods that effectively engage them and enhance their willingness to listen and learn.
• Takes formal leadership roles that influence or directly involve policymaking.

• Builds strong relationships with policymakers that encompass the ability to both listen to them and influence them.
• Influences other teacher leaders to take a role in policymaking.

• Fosters the development of coalitions and gains the support of organizations in pursuit of a positive policy agenda.

• Influences other teacher leaders to own the agenda.